Our Values


The Academy at Ocean Reef is a socioeconomically diverse educational community.  Students are educated in a nurturing, challenging environment that positions them for future leadership and success.


To provide a diverse (local, national and international) student body with a traditional, structured, and familial atmosphere that fosters academic, intellectual, and character development while celebrating individual strengths and talents.

Core Values


  • To be fair in all of our actions
  • To tell the truth and strive to do what is right


  • To help and support others
  • To consider the feelings of others


  • To risk to achieve that which is right
  • To give up one’s own interests to serve the greater community


  • To listen to others and consider their thoughts and opinions
  • To honor differences and act fairly


  • To be responsible for your words and actions
  • To work hard and help others
  • To act by what is right even if no teacher is watching

Characteristics of The Academy at Ocean Reef

  • The school’s mission is unique and articulated
  • There are clear goals for student development
  • The school is committed to the development of the individual student’s potential
  • The school is an exclusive environment
  • The school enhances the development of social skills
  • It endorses individual attention to students
  • It puts a concentrated effort on instilling pride, tradition, and spirit
  • It has clear behavioral expectations
  • It utilizes ongoing self-evaluation
  • It is committed to gender socialization and sensitivity
  • The curriculum is sequenced and integrated
  • It uses the community to enhance the program
  • The school is committed to technological competence
  • It believes in program introspection and innovation
  • It defines successful secondary school placement when the placement is highly appropriate for the individual student
  • The facilities meet or exceed the needs of the program
  • The environment is nurturing
  • The school has appropriate parental involvement
  • The students are happy and engaged
  • There is a sense of place
  • Communication is effective and regular