Student Life

The goal of student life is to provide our student’s with the total Academy at Ocean Reef experience. That means supporting student opportunities for learning, involvement, leadership, community building, and creative expression that go way beyond the classroom.   The lifelong enjoyment of physical activity and a healthy attitude toward athletic competition are the primary goals of the physical education and sports program at The Academy. This is achieved through an age-appropriate, creative and challenging athletics curriculum in Grades Pre K3/Pre K4 through 8. From an emphasis on participation, fitness, skills and sportsmanship in the youngest grades to continuing participation and ability-based teams in the upper grades, our enthusiastic athletes are well prepared for high school athletics.

Physical Education

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PE Class

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Our students attend an Art class.  In May each year, our students’ work is displayed for all to see at the annual Art Exhibit.


Fine and Performing Arts

Each year the students present a theatrical presentation to the school community. Our music/drama teacher, along with parent volunteers, put together an amazing show. Our Pre K3/Pre K4 through 8th graders all work together and make each production a lasting impression. The performance of Into The Woods Jr., was outstanding!