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Dear Future Students and Parents,

Welcome to The Academy at Ocean Reef, a place where each child will be made to feel known, needed and loved; a nurturing and family like environment comprised of a staff who pride themselves on knowing the whole child and who are invested in each student’s success both in and out of the classroom; a community where each student will experience a balanced and rigorous academic program and be challenged according to their individual ability; a home where, in collaboration with our families, we will develop each student’s character; and a school that will proudly develop our future leaders.


Jerome Murphy

Our History

The Academy at Ocean Reef was founded in 1989 by Ocean Reef members seeking a high-quality elementary education school within Ocean Reef.  Serving students in PK3/PK4 through Grade 8. The Academy offers a creative and competitive academic program that takes advantage of all that The Reef has to offer, including sailing, diving, snorkeling, golf, and tennis.


Located within the gates of the beautiful Ocean Reef Club, The Academy at Ocean Reef is housed in a modern 23,000 square foot facility on South Harbor Drive. The Facility includes 10 classrooms, library, science lab, art, and music rooms as well as a 2,000 square foot multi-purpose room and a playground.

Seasonal Program

The Academy at Ocean Reef offers a seasonal program for students transferring into The Reef during the winter months. This is a school-away-from-school program that allows the children and grandchildren of members to spend time at Ocean Reef while keeping up with their studies. Home schools report that seasonal students demonstrate surprising academic growth and a refreshing outlook upon their return. The year-round students extend a warm welcome and immediate friendship to those seasonal students, especially those who return year after year.

Community Service

The Academy at Ocean Reef is deeply committed to connecting children to the world around them. We encourage students from all grades to participate in a wide variety of community service projects, whether large or small, local, or international.

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