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Mission of the Board

The members of The Academy at Ocean Reef’s Board of Trustees are responsible for the school stewardship. They are the custodians of the school’s mission and make decisions that represent the best hopes for the school’s future. As strategic planners, they focus on preserving capital and fixed assets, defining sustainable budgets, and actively participating in fundraising.

Current trustees accept the obligations to preserve and improve the enterprise. The board’s internal rules conform to the fiduciary duties of the board: Loyalty (duty to put the interests of the school before individual interests); Compliance (duty to be sure that the school conforms to applicable local, state, and federal laws and regulations and accreditation standards); and Care (the duty to make good decisions with reasonable care).

Trustees are called upon to contribute their time, thoughts, and energy to support the sustainability and growth of The Academy at Ocean Reef. Present and past members of the board are strong advocates for the school’s fundraising activities and personally support and promote events designed to supplement the school’s income. Finally, trustees work to identify potential trustees whose membership would complement the current board’s expertise.

Molly Carroll (Ex Officio)

Alyson Caldwell (Ex Officio)

Lisa Bailey Cassidy

Brad Copeland

Cassy Everhart

Kat Fritter

Laurance Guido, MD

Jane Hager

Rick Haney

Jim Hassett

Darrell Helms

Scott Laird

Dan Leben

Jerome Murphy (Ex Officio)

Russell Post

Pat Roberts

Alexis Rogers

Jody Steele

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