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Teachers at The Academy have many options of where they can choose to work, but they have selected The Academy at Ocean Reef. They have chosen this unique place because they have aspirations to teach and help children reach their full potential in a place where education is a priority. Teachers are not just employees but partners in an educational and life journey.

Jerome Murphy.jpg

Jerome Murphy

Head of School​

B.A., Lehigh University


M.A., Sacred Heart University

Jaren Evans.jpg

Jaren Evans

Assistant Head of School/

Middle School English

B.A., North Carolina Central University

M.S., Florida International University

Marnie B.jpg

Marnie Buchsbaum

Business Manager

B.A., Oswego State University

Myriam Bernal.jpg

Myriam Bernal​

Dean of Students/

Second and Third Grade​

B.S., Barry University

Kat B.jpg

Katherine Bustamante

Kindergarten and First Grade​

B.S., Florida International University

JCelmer Headshot.JPG

Joseph Celmer
Music Education

B.A., Music Illinois State University
M.A., Music  Indiana University
M.A., Music Education  Boston University

Kellie Diaz.jpg

Kellie Diaz 
Early Childhood Director

B.A., Florida International University

Evelyn Ibanez.jpg

Evelyn M. Ibanez

Second and Third Grade Teacher's Assistant

B.A., Montclair State College

Nicky Laak.jpg

Nicky Laak

Middle School Social Studies

Library & Media Specialist

B.A., Union Institute and University

M.S., Nova Southeastern University

IMG_5317 (1).jpeg

Selena Lozoya
Teacher's Assistant


Jaime Machado

B.A., California Christian University

Jeff Magliola.jpg

Jeff Magliola
Educational Technology
Director of Information Technology

B.S., University of Connecticut

M.A., Pace University


Destiny Martinez
PreK Teacher's Assistant



Michael Rothman
Athletic Coordinator
Middle School Math
7/8 Science

B.S., Florida International University

M.A., Keiser University


Dan Smith

Physical Education​​

B.S., University of New England


Hope Sperling
Art Education

B.S., St. Thomas Aquinas

A.S., SUNY College

Margarita Vallejo.jpg

Margarita Vallejo

Toddler Program

B.A., Central Education University

North American Montessori Center


Megan Eid
Full-time Substitute
B.S., Winona State University


Ileana Diaz.jpg

Ileana Diaz

Administrative Assistant


Jonathan Jackson
Facilities Manager


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